True Earth’s earliest products were formulated in the far 2005, and put on the market in 2007. Yes, it’ s more than ten years now.

But research and discover of the most innovating formulations and raw materials is a story thorough all my modelling life.

I wanted effective and fast-use products.

More, I wanted to free myself from solvents.

It was a challenge to study applied chemistry, and to find substances with the same,- when not superior - performance compared with oils, enamels and acrylics.

This attitude drove me into the world of resins. Not the usual acrylic-known ones, but a completely new field of research.

True Earth is a little company, born from my modelling enthusiasm, but I'm proud to say it’s the only complete range of truly-waterbased finishing and weathering products.

With the courage to get in production complely different products both in formulation and rendition.

Now we are involved into a new challenge. The new SDW ranges. Don’t say more, you’ll discover how these amazing product work into next pages. And, I think, thorough use on your models.

...and now enjoy your modelling, with True Earth

Giuseppe Vitali


What is innovation ? Maybe to "do it" in an easier way, maybe in a shorter time, maybe to have a new approach ...Or all these assets together !

True Earth is an approach for weathering, decoration and diorama, that abandons the use of solvents in favor of innovating water formulations.

With better performance than products in oil or enamel, and other highly innovative! All True Earth products are the most advanced watersoluble resin emulsions or suspensions. No solvents, water only.



The Cat


Cat is a fair animal. He can be docile or wild, as he likes. He does not follow imposed rules, but traces his own way.

This is why I took The Cat, with his approval, as image for my Company.

Products use

True Earth products are easier, but different from other products on the market.

Do not give for assumed that theiy have to be applied like other similar products, but read our instructions. You will discover that your modelling can be far more pleasant with True Earth.

  • Into product pages you find explanations or  links to specifical instructions and tutorials.
  • You then find free tutorials into the download area.
  • The new video tutorials section.
  • And complete E_BOOK PDF tutorials showing a to z the whole practice of a technique on a model, into the books and e books page.