info - SDW Shading Colors

SDW Shading Colors are waterbased paints, in an innovative all-resin formulation.

Their main feature is versatility for numberless uses :

  • Slower drying time compared to acrylics - SDW = slow drying waterbased -
  • Extremely pleasant and flowy both for airbrush and brush painting
  • Airbrush, they never clog nozzles
  • Feather-able / blend-able for weathering, figure painting...
  • Use them as you like both in their fluid state or letting them get denser up to a pasty-like state
  • The whole into an exclusive solvent and smell free formulation.
  • No specific thinners, just water where needed
  • Tool cleaning just with water
  • A better performance than ecrylics, enamels and oils in one only type of paint !

The Difference

A really water-only paint, pleasant borh for brush/airbrush, paintable both in fluid or dense state, and blendable !

 That's much more than any other modelling paint actually does...


SDW Shading Colors are very fluid and ready to use as out of the bottle, even without thinning.

Leaving some dropos into a container or palette, they get progressively denser - time depending upon amount and temperature -.

Into a closed palette the densifying process is slower, and they can last for a couple days.

Brush Painting

For painting a large surface into an evenly manner, use them unthinned as out of the bottle.

As you have painted an area, rebrush it to stretch the paint. You will achieve a perfectly even surface in one only coat.

Their unique formulation avails a long painting with a mimimal amount of paint.


Airbrush Painting

In any situation, SDW Shading Colors work better without thinning, or with much less thinning than other modelling paints, and a higher air pressure. Wherever you want thinning, use water only.

For large and even surfaces, spray the paint evenly and  from a distance, to get a faster drying.

Just for extremely thin lines you may like thinning with ethanol or isopropanol, always mind they prefer a higher air pressure and much less thinning  compared ot other paints. 

Blending / Feathering

One of the many excellent features of  the SDW Shading Colors series, which differences them from other waterbased / acrylic paints is their feathering and blending capability.

For light-shadow effects

For weathering and color alteration effects.

For figure painting.

For in-deep tutorials join the T.E.A.M. and download the free e-book COMPENDIUM


Drying Time

Drying time is averagely longer compared to acrylic paints.

For in-deep tutorials join the T.E.A.M. and download the free e-book COMPENDIUM

Tools Cleaning

You will simply be amazed on how it is easy to clean airbrushes and brushes with just some water.

No solvents - smell free

A thin paint

Differently from any other modelling paint on the market, SDW Shading Colors are not "colored" with pigments melted into a binder, but by resin microspheres.

ThisTrue Earth's exclusive  innovation availing a pleasant flow, the no-clogging attitude for airbrushes, the easier cleaning, and much thinner paintt layers.

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