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SDW Shading Colors are really revolutionary. one only paint for all your needs :

  • Not enough for them to be extremely pleasant and flowy to paint both with airbrush and brush
  • Not enough that they never clog airbrush nozzles, also the thinnest
  • But they also are Blend-able for weathering, figure painting, soft edged camouflages...
  • And in addition you can use them as you like, both in their fluid or dense way


  • Slower drying time compared to acrylics - SDW = slow drying waterbased -
  • Exclusive solvent and smell free formulation W-Resin.
  • No specific thinners needed, just water.
  • Extremely fast tool cleaning, simply with water


The performances of acrylics, enamels and oils in one only paint !

The Difference

A really water-only paint, extremely easy both for brush/airbrush.

With two more speeds : paint it both fluid or dense, and it's blendable !

 That's much more than any other modelling paint actually does...

Airbrush Painting

Thanks to their W-Resin formulation, the never clog airbrush nozzles !

Comfort is... No need for specific thinners, but compatibility with almost anything.  You can choose among no thinning at all, with water, with various alcohol or isopropanol, with acrilyc thinners, upon your preferences and kind of job - Lower or no thinning = higher air pressure

They are so flowy, that you can paint with 0,2- 0,15 mm nozzles. Unlike "traditional" pigment-paints, you don't need larger nozzles. Airbrushing even surfaces with a fast drying time is easy : a lot of air, a little of paint.

Brush Painting

To paint even surfaces, easily use them as out of the bottle.

You also have time to rebrush it to stretch well the paint. You will achieve a perfectly even surface in one only coat.

Their unique formulation avails a long painting with a mimimal amount of paint.


Blending / Feathering

One of the many excellent features of  the SDW Shading Colors series, which differences them from other waterbased / acrylic paints is their feathering and blending capability.

For light-shadow effects

For weathering and color alteration effects.

For figure painting.

For in-deep tutorials join the T.E.A.M. and download the free e-book COMPENDIUM



Leaving some drops into a container or palette, they get progressively denser. Into a closed palette the densifying process is slower, and they can last for a couple days.- time depends on amount and temperature -.

Fluid paint is suited for large and even surfaces, and for wet on wet blending - gradation of two or more fresh SDW Shading Colors -  and for airbrush. Dense paint is more opaque and suited for blending a SDW Shading Color on a dry surface, figure blending, drybrush...

A paint that you can  use at the density you prefer !


Over the model, depending upon the painting method, the thinning, the thickness, drying time vary from the same as for an acrilyc to some hours.

Her too you have plenty of option upon your preferences !

Know How

For in-deep tutorials, join the T.E.A.M. and download the PDF e-book COMPENDIUM.

Color Chart

Mixing colors utility HERE

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