Rust SDW info & tutorials

RUST SDW products are a new concept of watersoluble resin.

Theri main features are feathering / blending capability, unthinkable for other waterbased products, and the possibilty to use them in several states of density

  • Slower drying time compared to acrylics - SDW = slow drying waterbased -
  • Extremely pleasant and flowy both for brush or airbrush- they never clog nozzles
  • Feather-able / blend-able
  • Use them as you like both in their fluid state or letting them get denser up to a pasty-like state
  • The whole into an exclusive solvent and smell free formulation.
  • No specific thinners, just water where needed
  • Tool cleaning just with water
  • Removable with soap and water 

How to

Use them both on dry or water-wet surfaces. Feathering / blending with dry or wet brushes, for numberless results..