The SDW Technology

True Earth's research.

SDW stands for Slow Drying Waterbased.

The pleasant spreading of a paint and feathering/blending capability have been so far possible only with solvent products: oils, enamels. But with the drawback of solvents, smell, difficult use.

On the other side, acrylics require a high thinning to be painted. For some acrylics the brushing is difficult if not impossible, or airbrush use requires specific diluents. In any case their short drying does not allow feathering/ blending.

And I wanted an "all purpose " paint : excellent both for brush and airbrush, covering and uniform, easy to use, and more with the feathering capability typical of oil paints.

To do this, one of the necessary features was a slower drying. And getting it into water-based products is the result of a study that lasted years. Simply adding a retarder medium did not give me satisfactory results, from no point of view.  It was necessary to redesign from scratch a new paint, with the search for special dyes, special binders...

And so it is how the SDW shading colors were born. Then, the SDW technology was extended to other ranges as Filter & Wash, SDW Rust, Dust Wash, to a different extent depending on the product line and its intended use.

Together with the resin formulation, the SDW technology contributes for example, to the pleasant flow of the SDW shading colors in the airbrush, or to easily create feathered rust streaks by brush with SDW Rust products.

The drying times, different depending on the lines, are however shorter than the oils.

The whole, typically True Earth, in solvent free, smell free formulations. Dilutable where necessary in simple water.

More facts about True Earth's Resin Formulations.


Below : painting and contemporary weathering, by blending together SDW Shading Colors.