Scrostatura e SCRAPING


Run Off Effect - Distaccante per Scrostatura

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Remover medium for acryl colors

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It's pourposely formulated to change your acryl paint into a scrappable paint.For a realistic scrap on repainted veichles (Afrika Korps...), or heavily chipped paints.

Run Off effect avails much longer working time, compared to similar products (hairspray or other companies' products).

Brush or airbrush use.

How to use :

  • Set the first layer of paint or dark oxide. (i.e RUSTBROWN PRIMER)
  • Set your filters if needed (more rust filters, paint fading...)
  • Fix and set properly the base with CRYSTAL LOCK
  • Mix from a minimum of a 20% of RUN OFF with the second acryl paint and a bit of water. With a higher percentage, the color will be soft and workable for a longer time.


  • Set filters on the second paint layer, if needed. (possible ONLY with True Earth filters)
  • Now the second color is scrappable from half an hour later to some hours, with water wet brushes.
  • When finished, gently rinse with water, and paints will definitely fix.

Use of Run Off Effect gives to fresh colors a greasy and low-covering effect, that is normal, and after rinsing and drying, the color will be back perfectly matt, smooth and covering. 


Waterbased  Medium. Dropper plastic bottle 0,64 oz.

Medium in base acquosa. Flacone in plastica con contagocce da 19 ml

Crystal Lock

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 Extrastrong Gloss clear, smoothing & fixer.

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It's a protective resin / acryl transparent paint, with many possible uses. Does not flatten color contrasts, does not turn to yellowish.

Employment :

  • Prepares too matt paints for washes and brushed filters, avoiding absorbance, undesired marks and improving chromatic result. Spread it well thinned in water with a flat handbrush, to smooth down matt paints. This way glossiness is really mitigated.
  • Perfectly fixes and strenghtens all paints and filters, for SCRAPING treataments or as protection from solvants.
  • Also a good glue/protective for decals. See decals tutorial.
  • Glues clear parts and canopies.
  • Additive for all acrylic paints of other brands, to keep hardness also at high thinning, i.e. over pre-shading.

Thinning : water or specific acrylic thinners. No homemade mixtures.

Dry time : few minutes. Perfect crystalization in 24 hours.

Higher glossyness if handbrushed.



Waterbased Transparent Filter. Dropper plastic bottle 0,64 oz.

Filtro Trasparente in base acquosa. Flacone in plastica con contagocce da 19 ml

PDF Loco WR 360 - Scraping & wear

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PDF format E BOOK

UPDATED VERSION to new product lines.

Complete sbs tutorial about Scraping & Multiscraping (multiple blistering of paints), and heavy wear.

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Loco wr 360 pdf tutorial by True Earth

The SCRAPING technique


That's True Earth exlusive heavy chipping technique.

- Allows processing times much longer than traditional methods with hairspray or similar products

- Possible different levels of peeling, in patches or effect of rubbing

- Made with specifically formulated products, absolutely not aggressive over models and paints

- You can spread filters both over base paint than to the paint to be chipped. This is possible with True Earth filters only !