SDW Shading Colors


SDW Shading Colors are the newest concept in modelling paints, with many outstanding features.

Amazingly pleasant  paints for brush and airbrush, they're also blend-able,  for weathering, figure painting... !

Replace acrilycs, oils and enamels with a unique, solvent free paint !


SDW Shading Colors - Primary Set

SDW Shading Colors - Classic Set

SDW Shading Colors - Skin Set

SDW Shading Colors - German afv Camo Set '43'45

SDW Shading Colors - AfrikaKorps Set

SDW Shading Colors - RailCars Weathering Set 1

SDW Shading Colors - Paint Variance Set

SDW Gloss Additive

SDW Matt additive

SDW Bistro Additive

SDW Black

SDW White

SDW Neutral Grey

SDW giallo

SDW Orange

SDW Green

SDW Purple

SDW Payne Grey

SDW Naples Yellow

SDW Buff


SDW Dark Yellow RAL 7028-2

SDW Red Brown

SDW Olive Green

SDW Panzer Grey Ral7021

SDW Chocolate Brown

SDW Olive Drab

SDW Khaki

SDW Brown

SDW Sand

SDW Earth Brown

SDW Mud Brown

SDW GreyGreen

SDW Russian Green 4bo


SDW Minium RAL 3009

SDW Blue

SDW Ocean Blue

SDW Felgrau - Field Grey

SDW Sky Blue rlm65

SDW Skin Tone Warm 1

SDW Skintone warm 2

SDW Skintone warm 3

SDW Skin Tone Light

SDW Drab Grey

SDW Warm Grey

SDW Ivory