Primers Info & Tutorials

CHROMA CONCEPT : primer tone improves the rendition of paints on your models !

For the latest generation of True Earth's PRM  Primers True Earth, we worked on four targets :

  • improved ease of use both for brush and airbrush
  • extremely smooth and thin finish
  • adherence over any surface ( PRM = Plastic Resin Metal )
  • get in a new concept of "chromaticity" in Primers.

These new formulations of resin-in-water can be used both with brush or airbrush. Unthinned or thinned with just a bit water.

Color tones and finish for PRM Primers have benne accurately studied and tested for a maximum chromatic response of paints. You can use anyone of them over any surface, but here some basic advice :

  • SLICK PRIMER PRM : smooth and semi-gloss finish, neutral tone, recommended for aircrafts , ships , mechanical devices. 
  • PRESHADING PRIMER PRM : the hue of this primer was purposely laboured for the best chromatic response of paints.- Per example it avoids yellow and sand based colors turning greenish when superimposed to a black priming.- It adds more depht to colors compared to black, and avails  to spare paint layers. Suited for military models and figures.
  • CHROMATIC PRIMER PRM  : purposely laboured hue for the best rendition for military paints, uniforms, skin. Thus it's the best primer for figures and military models. .