Terra e Fango - Earth and Mud
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Structured Powders - Polveri Strutturate

Resin thick dusts for earth & mud build up

Don’t call them pigments !

They are special resin, self-adhesive (on a water-wet surface) powders. Their texture is more similar to a very thin sand, compared with the powdery pigments. So, they are suited to easily reproduce a well defined earth dirt build up on any scale models.

All formulations have just been updated in texture and adherence, for still better results

Many the features :

- Since ditying is the most delicate passage of weathering, which can ruin a kit forever, they are self-adhesive but partially removable when dry with a hard brush., or totally removable with soapy water. This feature also helps for streaked and leaked effects.

- Totally non-aggressive on your kits, since you just use water to set them in place.

- The peculiar texture avails a well defined and progressive layering as you like, thin effects to conspicuous build ups.

- Ready to use without any addition,

- EUROPEAN EARTH are scaled down colors, for realistic dry earth. For wet effects use FIX & WET.

- The new INTENSE EARTH, for who prefers more intense tones. Also mixed with any of EUROPEAN EARTH to tone them up.

- All of them are mixable together to achieve all the colors you want.


- for a dry effect use MATT LOCK

- for a wet effect use FIX & WET

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Structured Powder. Plastic bottle 0,68 oz.

Polvere Strutturata. Flacone in plastica da 20 ml.