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 Exclusive formula ! Resin/Acrylic paints. As dry, they can be chipped, blistered, cracked with a water-wet brush. NO FIXER NEEDED.

1) Paint them with brush or airbrush like the real item as just painted (overall, wavy bands...), NO THINNING.

2) Remove as you like with soft water wet brushes of soft water flow from airbrush. Useful scraping time from half an hour to some hours. The more you wait, the less paint will be removed and the harder it will be.

3) Wait still an hour, then rinse largely under soft waterflow : paint will dry. No further fixer needed.

nb: When just painted, they have a low-coverage. It's an optical effect due to the remover inside the formulation.

They can be mixed together to achieve further colors.



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