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TANK ACTION - SDW Shading Colors

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This offer expires tuesday december 12 at midnight ! (Rome gmt.)

Complete combination of SDW Shading Colors for WW2 german afv and veichles. This offer includes :

  • TESE18 German Camo Set '43-45
  • TESE11 AfrikaKorps Set 
  • TESC02 White - Bianco
  • TESC26 Chocolate Brown

Set contents, product features and tutorials, you find them into the SDW Shading Colors page.

HERE Here you find a brief description about the capabilities of these revolutionary paints. For more info and tutorials download our free e-book COMPENDIUM

Dropper plastic bottles 0,64 oz each. - Flaconi in plastica con contagocce da 19 ml ognuno.