filtri-lavaggi selettivi-ombre - Filter-selective wash-shadow
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Dark Olive

Filter for shading, washes and alterations.


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Multi purpose filter, suitable for all colors.

Uses :

  • overall filter on the whole model
  • selective washes for panel lines and around details
  • overall washes
  • shading
  • leaks and streaks

Coupled with PAINT FADING filters to enhance model's shape

Tools :

  • brush or airbrush on any well dry color
  • for shaded effects with brush, dampen the surface with a very thin layer of water.

Thinning and tools cleaning : Both for brush or airbrush thinning is often not necessary. The filter is ready to use. In case, just water for brush uses. For airbrush, water + specific acryl-colors thinners, to avoid drop-effects (water tense), when the filter is largely thinned.


Waterbased Transparent Filter. Plastic bottle 0,57 oz.

Filtro Trasparente in base acquosa. Flacone in plastica da 17 ml