Mighty Cats vol.1

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  • Hardcover printed A4 format 
  • 68 pages
  • Complete explanations with pictures
  • Bilingual text ENG / ita

    Into this first book on afv’s finishing, we will deal mainly the enhance of shape and details, with varying degrees of weathering.

    The depicted tanks are chosen in function of the type of coloring, and you find advices on how to treat monochromatic and camouflaged kits, both with brush and airbrush techniques, and the combination of various products to obtain chromatically balanced and pleasant models.

    Fully illustrated tutorials and explanations on how to achieve an appropriate combination of colors, filters and dirtying.

    Different finishing techniques :

    • the three steps method
    • the balanced method
    • the all-filter method
    • the contrast method

    Within the main tutorials there are also several mini-tutorials on metal rendition, tracks, blending effects, easy decals application, various methods for earth dirt or dust...