Below you will find information and advice on use, to which you can also find the link on the pages of the various product lines.
And more, in our parent website Iron Work Models, you will find complete step by step tutorials about the whole process of painting and weathering of some model kits.

The All Resin W Technology

The SDW Technology

SDW Shading Colors Info

SDW Shading Colors - User Instructions

SDW Shading Colors - PDF Book

SDW Shading Colors - Tabelle Miscelazione Colori

Filter & Wash Info Tutorials

Rust SDW Info Tutorials

Chipping & Scraping Tutorials

W Metal Info Tutorials

Metaliner Info Tutorials

Primers Info Tutorials

Scrap Hard Tutorial

Chrome Tutorial

Panther Schmalturm WIP

M47 Patton - Dafne Wip

AntiSlip / AntiSkid Plates Video

Paint Gradation 1 - Car Interiors Video

SDW Shading Colors Brush vs.Airbrush Video

Airbrushing SDW Shading Colors Video

Filter & Wash - PinWash / Lining Video

Dust Wash Video

Rough Scrap Video

Wooden Fuselage with Wood Set Video

RailCars Weathering with SDW Shading Colors Video

Decal Setting with Crystal Lock

Metal Reflex Enhance with SDW Shading Metals Video

Painting figures in an oil-like method with SDW Shading Colors Video

Color Modulation by Brush with SDW Shading Colors Video