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SDW Shading Colors are really revolutionary. one only paint for all your needs :

  • Not enough for them to be extremely pleasant and flowy to paint both with airbrush and brush
  • Not enough that they never clog airbrush nozzles, also the thinnest
  • But they also are Blend-able for weathering, figure painting, soft edged camouflages...
  • And in addition you can use them as you like, both in their fluid or dense way
  • Slower drying time compared to acrylics - SDW = slow drying waterbased -
  • Exclusive solvent and smell free formulation W-Resin.
  • No specific thinners needed, just water.
  • Extremely fast tool cleaning, simply with water


The performances of acrylics, enamels and oils in one only paint !

The difference

A really water-only new generation acrylic paint, extremely easy both for brush/airbrush.

With two more speeds : paint it both fluid or dense, and it's blendable !

 That's much more than any other modelling paint actually does...

No solvents - smell free

SDW Shading Colors are formulated for a relaxing and healty modellling. This is why they are free from solvents and smellfree.

by Brush

Also unthinned, you easily obtain an extremely smooth and even layer of paint.

by Airbrush

Thanks to the combined formulation W-Resin & SDW, they never clog nozzles !

No more stop-work to open and clean the airbrush, as it often happens with other acrylic paints.

Comfort is... non need of specific thinners, but they are compatible with a bit of everything. You can opt for no thinning, with water, with alcohol -denaturated to ethanol to isopropanol - and many of the acrylic thinners on the market. Depending on your preferences and upon the job to be done.

They are so flowy that you can also paint with 0.2 to 0.15 nozzles without any kind of problem ! And with no dilution too !

Differently from "traditional" pigment-based paints, often "heavier" in composition, you need no larger nozzles nor fluidifing additives. 

Gradation / Blending

One of the features of the SDW Shading Colors, differentiating them from "normal" acrylic paints and other watersoluble formulations, , is their capability to be blendable toghether, as if they were oil paints. And you can also gradate them on a dry painted surface !

This way, also with the brush alone, you will esily do :

  • Light & shadow effects, modulation
  • Soft edged camouflages
  • Weathering effects and color alterations
  • Easy color transitions in figure painting

Figure Painting

You can paint figures both with an acrylic techinque, than with a fresh on fresh blending, the typical oil technique. And with any other in-between method, at your taste !

The whole with SDW Shading Colors alone !


Given the absence of traditional pigments, SDW Shading Colors avail you to play with transparent layers, enriching the colors with spectacular "velatura" effects !

Special Effects

Coupled to True Earth's mediums and additives, you will easily obtain the most spectacular effects !


SDW Shadig Colors are compatible with all other True Earth products, this way shortcomings and inconvenients you meet using products of different origni and compsition are definitely forgotten.

More, you can mix them or blend together with Rust SDW and SDW Shading Metals.

Easy mixing

Bottles have precision droppers, to ease mixing of paints.

They also have childproof caps.


On your models, depending upon the painting method, the thinning, the thickness, drying times can be adjusted from the same of a traditional acrylic to some hours.

Here too you have lot of options at your taste !

Tool cleaning

You will be surprised by the fast cleaning of airbrush and brushes with water only !

Color mixing charts

Orienteering and mixing charts HERE

Fluid / Dense

For normal paintjobs, you can use them directly as out from the bottle.

But leaving them at the air, in a palette, they get progressivley denser, availing you a still larger range of effects : blending, gradation, drybrush, figure painting in an "oli like" style... A paint that you can use at the desired level of density !

How to

Use instructions HERE

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