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Vernici speciali - Special Paints
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Instant Wood effect !

TheWood Set products avail you to obtain wood textures also on smooth surfaces, with maximum ease !

Wood Set contains a purposely formulated Primer and four different Wood Effect tones. These tones can also be mixed or overlapped to obtain an endless number of different wood types. With a more or less defined texture, allowing you to reproduce wood in all scales.

As for all other true Earth products, they are odourless and solvent free. Thinning with water where needed, see tutorials in this page.

How to.

Let's see how they work on a generic surface., we'll then see specific cases. First step is painting Wood Primer and let it dry. Either brush or airbrush. Preferrably unthinned, or thinned in a minimum of water or alcohol-airbrush only.

Now just spread some Wood Effect, and pull it back and forth with a bad brush. The more you do, the more the texture will be defined.

That's all.

Depending upon the brush you use and product amount, you obtain many different variants.

Fixing the whole, when dry, with CRYSTAL LOCK or MATT LOCK, either for a glossy or matt finish, is recommended. Expecially if you then apply other products, decals.

The four Wood Effect tones can be placed one aside the other.

Or mixed to obtain new tones. As for Dreanought hull below. For a large ship bridge, products were also thinned down a bit for a softer effect, given the small scale.

Th Wood tones can also be overlapped. Per example a firts layer of Light Wood with a moderate texture. Wait a couple hours, then apply a mix of Brown Wood and Light Wood, in a more defined texture. 

Excesses and errors can be removed within some minutes simply with water.

The same technique on this Roland fuselage, adding some Red Wood to the previous mix.