The All Resin-W Technology

True Earth's products have unique features.

In traditional paints , the color is given by pigment particles. To be used in paints they are milled, and their appearance reminds a crumb of bread, rough and irregularly shaped.

When we paint, both with brush or airbrush, these shapes roll on each other, and by framing as they can, they fail to settle in a uniform way. Paint tends to get thick, airbrush is prone to clogging, and cleaning difficult. Thus they require specific fluidifying thinners, smelly and unhealty.


True Earth products such as SDW Shading Colors, Filter & Wash, SDW Rust instead, do not contain pigment.



The coloration is obtained by microscopic spheres of resin dye. To the full advantage of the smoothness both brush and airbrush, with thin paint layers, because the microspheres tend naturally to settle in an orderly manner. No brush marks remain, and it is almost impossible to clog the airbrush. In both cases also with an unthinned paint. 

More facts about True Earth formulations.


Below : brush painting of a complex camouflage with True Earth's SWD Shading Colors. No brushmarks !