The SDW Technology

True Earth's research.

SDW means Slow Drying Waterbased, and it's a great step ahead compared to traditional acrylics.

The main purpose is to obtain the blendability, so far achievable just with solvent-based products like oils and enamels. With the drawback of smell, unhealty stuff and more difficult use.

Together with the w-resin formulation, the SDW tecnology also contributes to the pleasant painting of SDW Shading Colors both for brush and airbrush, or to easily achieve softly blended streaks with RUST SWD products.

Drying times, different according to the various ranges of products benefiting of this technology, are however shorter than oils.

All this typically True Earth, in absolutely solvent free formulations, odourless and dilutable where needed with simple water..

More facts about True Earth's Resin Formulations.


Below : painting and contemporary weathering, by blending together SDW Shading Colors.