Info - W Metal


W Metals can be directly painted on plastic, without primer.

You can also use them as a primer, before the actual painting. And / or as a metallic preshading.

A glossy, smooth and even surface is preferred to obtain the maximum brightness of W Metal. You can eventuallly polish a bit the plastic with a smooth cloth, before painting.

Here how to use them by airbrush : 

  • a first thin and almost invisible layer of W Metal at a high pressure. Leave it to dry some minutes. 
  • then saturate the paint with long parallel passes, in a range of pressures between 20 and 30 psi, depending on your airbrush.
  • when dry, airbrush some water on the model and blow away

Both for airbrush or brush, you can use them without without dilution - this way better when painting by airbrush - or dilution with plain water.

If you need or if you like to use of a primer, it's advisable to  use True Earth's SLICK PRIMER or WHITE PRIMER.


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Both for panel lines and for more or less marked effects of wear, you can combine the basic painting with W Metals together with METALINER products.