MUD Texture

MUD Texture are liquid, textured and ready to use products to an easy and fast achievement of mud and earth dirt on your models.


MUD Texture Set

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MUD Texture are liquid, textured and ready to use products to an easy and fast achievement of mud and earth dirt on your models.

The long drying time _ SDW Tech., True Earth's exclusive - makes it easy to gradate and blend for realistic and progressive dirt effects.

Set content :

  • TEMT01 Dark Mud
  • TEMT02 Warm Mud
  • TEMT03 Med Mud
  • TEMT04 Light Mud
  • TEMT05 Grey Mud

The products can be mixed or stacked together. The wide range of colors allows you to reproduce any type of mud and earth. When dry, they are solid and not removable.

Slow-drying acrylic formulation, solvent-free and dilutable where necessary with simple water.



The bottles must first be mixed with a tool, closed and shaken well. Even during use, they should be closed and shaken from time to time.

They appear as liquids with a grainy texture, ready to use.

Their use is extremely easy : the can be speread over dry or water-moistened surfaces with a brush.

They have a slow drying  - SDW Tech. -  which allows you to blend / gradate them. In this case MUD Texture was spread on the dry surface, and then blended by tapping the top edge with a wet brush - plain water - to obtain a slight gradual downward build-up effect.

The slow drying also allows you to blend the different colors of the MUD Textures together, directly on the surface of the model.

Two tones effect : abundant MUD Texture of a light tone, and we create pouring effects by dragging upwards with a large and wet brush. When this layer is dry - you can add more than one, if you want more accumulation -, we add a darker tone in the lower parts, to suggest a still damp earth in the recesses, and we again blend the edges, with a damp brush.

A further technique: first a generous layer of a darker tone. When dry, just tap the inner and raised areas with small amounts of a lighter tone. You can apply MUD Texture with the technique that suits you best !

With a stiff- bristle brush, you can easily achieve realistic, raised splash effects.

Their texture and progressiveness make them suitable for models in any scale. Their resistance to manipulation allows them to be used on models intended for wargame.

In the parts of the model where you need a lighter dirt or dusting, you can combine the DUST Wash range by True Earth with the MUD Textures.


When dry they have a matt finish. To get a wet effect, you can layer TEEC15 Wet Fix over the dry Mud Textures, or mix it with them before spreading to the model.

The three purposes of MUD Textures are:

  • have ready and practical products, easy to use, solvent-free and odorless
  • a slow drying, which allows you to work them on the surface of the model, and to easily obtain gradual effects in all scales
  • a texture that allows you to "catch the effect" of full-bodied accumulations of earth to mud, but without the need to suffocate the model and the details under heavy and unrealistic layers of stuff.
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Plastic bottles 0,64 oz each. - Flaconi in plastica da 19 ml ognuno.