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ALU Effect

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filtri-lavaggi selettivi-ombre - Filter-selective wash-shadow
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Superfici metalliche multi-tono e finitura antiradar have glass.
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ALU EFFECT avails a more natural and scaled down metallic finish, compared to other metallic paints.

ALU EFFECT is not a color, but a filter : it will always reflect the underlying colors.

More layers added on a surface, the brighter and more uniform the effect will be. With a bit more patience than a solvent based metallic solid color, a deep,scaled down and realistic color is achieved.

Pre-painting different panels in different plain colors, a multi-metal surface is obtained.

The HAVE GLASS finish of modern fighters is easily obtained with a lone diffused layer of ALU EFFECT over palin, non metallic paints.

Employment : paint your model in the desired plain colors. I.E. for an aluminium aircraft paint it white and the lightest grays. For burnt exhausts paint it brownish yellow. Then add as many uniform thin layers of ALU EFFECT as you like. The latest layers must be more and more thinned down.

Thinning and tools cleaning : water for brush.  For airbrush water or water + ethanol or acrylic paint thinners.

Masking : no problem


Waterbased Filter. Dropper plastic bottle 0,64 oz.

Filtro in base acquosa. Flacone in plastica con contagocce da 19 ml