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CHROMA CONCEPT : primer tone improves the rendition of paints on your models !

For the latest generation of True Earth's PRM  Primers True Earth, we worked on four targets :

  • improved ease of use both for brush and airbrush
  • extremely smooth and thin finish
  • adherence over any surface ( PRM = Plastic Resin Metal )
  • get in a new concept of "chromaticity" in Primers.

These new formulations of resin-in-water can be used both with brush or airbrush. Unthinned or thinned with just a bit water.

Color tones and finish for PRM Primers have benne accurately studied and tested for a maximum chromatic response of paints. You can use anyone of them over any surface, but here some advice :

  • WHITE PRIMER PRMgets maximum brightness to paints painted on it.
  • SLICK PRIMER PRM : smooth and semi-gloss finish, neutral tone, recommended for aircrafts , ships , mechanical devices. 
  •  CHROMATIC PRIMER PRM  : purposely laboured hue for the best rendition for military paints, uniforms, skin. Thus it's the best primer for figures and military models.
  • PRESHADING PRIMER PRM : the hue of this primer was purposely laboured for the best chromatic response of paints.- Per example it avoids yellow and sand based colors turning greenish when superimposed to a black priming.- It adds more depht to colors compared to black, and avails  to spare paint layers. Suited for military models and figures.

Use of our primers is recommended for compatibility with SDW Shading Colors. They improve paints adherence and chromatic rendition. They also avail to spare paint layers. 



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