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The products into the  Dust Wash range are the easiest and most realistic way to reproduce a dust or thin mud effect over our models.

They can be used pure or thinned at your taste in just water, and spread over dry or wet surfaces, to increase flow.

The DUST WASH dry up in a few minutes. Here some samples for use.

A tone at your taste of DUST WASH. Shake well the bottle, then thin it down with about 3 parts water.Mix it well then spread it over the whole surface.

There's nothing more to do than leave it to dry.  DUST WASH will get a realistic dust-particles effect, more built up into crevices. Changing the ratio DUST WASH / water, the effect will be more or less intense.



Moist an area with water, then spread DUST WASH, thinned at you taste, just around details.

Dampen an area with DUST WASH, pure or thinned at your taste, then feather it down with a large, soft brush


And here the two different results obtained.



On theis railway car we have first spread a broad wash with Filter & Wash DARK AGEING, which was left to dry thoroughly before the dust wash. Now spread DUST WASH,  pure o thinned, and use a wet brush to feather down the edges..



Spread pure, unthinned DUST WASH, and feather it down with a wet brush for leaked / streaked effects.

Or feather it with a soft, large brush. Adding another tone over the dried up first one, will further increase realism. 



Dampening surfaces just with PURE water, will ease  DUST WASH to flow into crevices and set properly around raised details.

The true dust effect, in the easiest way !