SDW Shading Colors - RailCars Weathering Set 1

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RailCars weathering Set 1 is a selection of SDW Shading Colors suited for weathering freight cars.

These paints can be mixed together to obtain a large variety of colors and, more important, directly blended and feathered on the railcar model itself.

Futher informations about SDW Shading Colors overall, see INFO banner into products range page.

Into the Video Tutorials page, some examples of use.

Set content :

  • TESC39 Ral 3009 
  • TESC42 Light Grey 
  • TESC27 Ral 8000 
  • TESC07 Orange 
  • TESC26 Chocolate Brown
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Dropper plastic bottles 0,64 oz each. - Flaconi in plastica con contagocce da 19 ml ognuno.