SDW Shading Colors - Paint Variance Set

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Set for colors variation thoroughout the whole color spectrum :

  • Naples yellow to lighten in a balanced way
  • Tan to cool down
  • Khaki to warm up
  • Payne Grey to darken towards a cold hue
  • Bistro Additive to darken towards a warm way

Different but harmonic among them colore tones, that, mixed with any of the paints into the SDW Shading Colors range, allow to vary lightness and temperature of colors, mantaining the chromatic harmony.

Set content :

  • TESC16 Naples Yellow - Giallo di Napoli 
  • TESC18 Tan 
  • TESC31 Khaki 
  • TESC15 Payne Grey - Grigio di Payne 
  • TESC97 Bistro Additive - Additivo Bistro
 Dropper plastic bottles 0,64 oz each. - Flaconi in plastica con contagocce da 19 ml ognuno.