the Additives

  • Description

There are currently three additives for SDW Shading Colors, let's see what they are for:

TESC98 Gloss Additive

•to get a glossy finish

•to speed up drying of an airbrushed paint

•to make the paint more transparent (less opaque), glazing effects

Mix with SDW Shading Colors in a proportion at your taste


TESC99 Matt Additive

•to get a matt finish. It is not necessary for airbrush, but it is indispensable for figure painting, as passing and brushing over the figure tends to smoothen the paint, and therefore a little more shiny.

•to shorten the thickening and drying time

Mix with SDW Shading Colors in a proportion of 1/4 or 1/3


TESC96 Fusion Extreme

•by brush, it increases the gradation capacity / blendability of the SDW Shading Colors, reducing their opacity

•improves gradation capacity / blendability of a fresh SDW Shading Color over a cured one

•allows you to blend SDW Shading Colors for a long time even if diluted with water, because the addition of water would tend to speed up the drying time

•added to a thickened SDW Shading Color it restores its softness and blendability

•when it's warm, and we want to extend teh drying time of the SDW Shading Colors to blend them

Mix with SDW Shading Colors in a proportion at your taste, normally from 1/5 to 1/2.