Densifying process.

  • Description

One of the main assets of SDW Shading Colors is that they get denser before drying. The denser the paint, the more opaque it will be.

•The fluid paint, as out of the bottle, is suited for airbrush painting and for generic brush painting.

•The slightly denser paint is more opaque and is suited for brush painting of small surfaces.

•The dense paint has a behavior somewhat similar to an oil paint, and is suited for gradation, weathering, scale figures painting in an oil-like technique, drybrush...

The densifying process time is defined by amount and environment temperature.

Per example a small amount placed on any surface used as a palette, densifies faster than a larger amount into a closed palette. In this latest situation the paint could even last for days, availing you to work in short sessions or to do retouches whit the same paint and whithout any waste.