INFO - Structured Powders

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The so cal. Structured Powders are not pigments, but ready-to-use resin powders, self-adherent but removable.

Texture is thicker compared to pigments, and their formulation avails a larger wedge of application methods and results.

You can both use them in their powdery state, or mixed with water or with water and the fixer MATT LOCK or WET FIX.

Other than the technical advantages, be able to evaluate value for money : a 0,67 oz bottle of Structured Powders, simply mixed with water, is like a 2 oz. bottle or more ! With the further advantage of lesser shipping cost due to a lesser volume and weight.

Let's now see their assets from an application viewpoint.

Color stability : differently from pigments and other products, the Structured Powders color will be unaltered after application, exactly the same color of the loose powder..

Easy and fast use : shake the bottle to restore powder softness, moisten kit parts that you want to get dirty with water and a touch of dishes soap to avoid surface tense, take a bit of powder with a large brush and let it fall like snow on the model.

This method avails full control of amount, small diffused dots to a thick dirt.

This way the powders are partially or totally removable rubbing with a dry brush.

Overlapping diferent powder colors you achieve pleasant color variations and a higher 3 d effect.

One part of Structured Powders, mixed with about 2 pt. water, after some minutes get thicker. You can spread them directly or with a sprayed effect.

For a dry earth effect, fix them airbushing a very low pressure some MATT LOCK and water. Fixing with WET FIX the colors will get more intense up to a wet effect. For stained humidity, first fix with MATT LOCK, then stain with WET FIX.