Light, Desaturation & Fading 3 SDW evo

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The new EVO formulation, compared to the SDW tech formulation, has a sharper effect on details, a slightly shorter drying time, more hardness, and the possibility to do washes also on moderately matt paints.

The characteristic of Light, Desaturation & Fading products, with their peculiar shades, is to have a more natural and harmonious action when it comes to lightening the colors, and harmonizing combinations of multiple colors and camouflages. The formulation in filter, rather than a simple lightened color, adapting to more colors, allows to greatly simplify the light / shadow phase for the shape enhance of your models.

Better suited for use as a filter. Depending on the quantity applied, in a post-shading technique, to give light in the high areas, to desaturate or fade al colors and all camo schemes, getting a cold or altered hue. Also indicated for ships and aircraf models.

Waterbased filter/wash.Dropper plastic bottle 0,64 oz.- Filtro/lavaggio in base acquosa. Flacone in plastica con contagocce da 19 ml