Structured POWDERS Tutorials

Structured Powders are noT pigments, but resin-based thick particles to create dirt build-up.

Shake the bottle to restore softness of the powder. 

The area wher the dirt will be spread has to be broadly dampened with water.

Use a large brush -perfectly dry- to pick up some dust.

Gently tap on the brush from a distance to create a pattern.

Whenever the water is completely absorbed by the powder, spray more water at an extremely low pressure and from a distance.

If you do not have an airbrush, use an eco-sprayer or similar, loaded with water.

Overlap more Structured POWDER colors to your taste, to increase realism.

For a thicker buid up, simply mix Structured Powders with a bit of water.

Mixing Structured POWDERS witn a larger amount of water, you can spread them broadly.

Then you can adjust the effect by removing some powder with a stiff brush.

Finally you can fix the whole with very diluted MATT LOCK, for a dry effect.

Or with WET FIX, more diluted for an average effect, less diluted for a wet effect, also applied in spots.